Our Mission

The Dawn Quranic Institute was established in 2008 and aspires to:

• train a group of elite Quranic reciters and memorisers, with Ijaza Certification, in Australia;

• to promote the implementation of Quranic moral values and ethics.

Through a structured curriculum, professional teachers and a variety of courses for Men, Women and Children, we provide quality Quranic education, allowing our students

to build a strong connection with the Quran.

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The Dawn Quranic Institute ultimately aims to advocate for Quranic education within the Australian Muslim Community. Our distinctive and

quality-driven approach aims to:

  1. Enable the generations to inherit the science of Tajweed (correct recitation) based on continuous transmission (sanad) back up to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  2. Promoting the moral values of the Holy Quran.
  3. Develop a community of caring and cooperation amongst the learners and memorisers of the Holy Quran.
  4. Follow a structured curriculum.
  5. Employ advanced technical and educational techniques.
  6. Implement initiatives in a planned and coordinated approach using modern management principles.


For the institute to achieve its mission, it will endeavour to:

  1. Teaching Tajweed through integrated courses to graduate brothers and sisters following the recitation routes (methods) of Hufs of A’asim may the mercy of Allah be upon them both.
  2. Teaching the recitations and narrations other than that of Hufs may the mercy of Allah be upon him.
  3. Nurturing the awareness and interest in Quranic Sciences, which include: Scientific Miracles; Calligraphy; writing and exactitude; Recitations; History and events of ‘Revelation; and so on.
  4. Nurturing the awareness and interest in Arabic language to serve the improvement of recitation, facilitate memorisation and enable achieving Ijaza.
  5. Facilitating the memorisation of the Quran.
  6. Distributing accredited translations of the Quran and audio and video publications on the holy Quran and its Sciences and the establishment of a library for the institute.
  7. Establishing branches in Australia.
  8. Performing extra curricular activities that contribute to the refinement of ethics of the learners.
  9. Adopting continuous professional development schemes for the instructors and other institute’s employees.
  10. Holding competitions in Quran memorisation and recitation, and inspiring the spirit of competition amongst the community toward Quran memorisation and perfection.



The Dawn Quranic Institute is proud to have the strongest Quran teachers in Australia, to fit-in with its vision of high quality Quranic


The course material and teaching staff are under the supervision of Sheikh Mutasim Al-Jarrah, the Imam of Punchbowl Mosque. Sheikh

Mutasim has a number of Ijaza Certifications in Quran recitation and has been teaching Tajweed for over 10 years.

All teachers (brothers and sisters) have Ijaza Certification in Quranic recitation through a continuous chain back to Prophet Muhammad


Many of our teachers are graduates from The Dawn, having gained an Ijaza; a proof of our commitment to high quality education and in

accordance to the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”



Sydney Location


234 The Boulevard,

PO Box 210 Punchbowl NSW 2196

Phone: 0477 000 255

Email: info@thedawn.com.au


Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

10:00 am – 2:00 pm & 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Melbourne Locations

Melbourne, Newport

1 Walker, Newport, VIC

Phone: 0430 070 056

Email: abd5677@yahoo.com

Melbourne, Cuburg

PO BOX 550 Coburg Victoria,

Australia 3058

Phone: 0405 987 959

Email: rasha.ahmed@tarteel.org



The Dawn Quranic Institute aspires to originate a group of elite memorisers of Glorious Quran who will be licensed in its recitation and will follow its moral values and ethics amongst the Australian society.